Just a thought we have to learn how to be decent and in order

Just a thought we have to learn how to be decent and in order. Life is balance yes even when you are a Christian. Jesus didn’t say that he came to give us life and that more abundantly for nothing. In the wake of my God son’s untimely death due to a long illiness I’m more motivated to live my life to the fullest life is so short. Life is for the living and I’m going to live just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean your life stops. The devil is a LIE. Quite contrary it has just begun. You can still laugh, have fun, learn new things, go different places even being saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. You are who God says you are REDEEMED, MORE Than A CONQUEROR, AN OVERCOMER, A SON OF GOD, A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. Im SAVED by GRACE NOT works lest ANY man shall boast. We have to remember OUR righteousness is of filthy rags. Its not about “works” its about your salvation in Jesus Christ.
Be careful not to be so “heavenly minded you’re no earthly good.” You will have people forming cults and stop having children, working, or living waiting on God to come back Jesus said occupy till I come. He said all those things that are going on now as it was in Noah to highlight the wrong true enough but also to show you to continue to live. Don’t be controlled by religion, traditionalism, they are quite different from a true relationship with God look at Mary and Martha one was complaining about the other not doing what she thought she should’ve been doing to serve God but I like what Jesus did he put the accuser in their place and told her “she is doing what is needful” in other words “stay in YOUR lane and mind YOUR business” Lord knows worrying about self is a job in itself. Pray for me, give me the Truth in love not judgment and with intent to control my life but just live by example and love me right where I am. Let me work out my OWN soul salvation with fear and trembling and you work yours out the same. ” See that your calling and election is sure and take heed lest he fall”

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