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Syratech’s Holiday Workshop now separate unit

Syratech’s decision to spin off its Holiday Workshop Div. from International Silver was based on the division tremendous growth in sales over the last four years. Holiday Workshop produces Christmas and Halloween tabletop merchandise that is marketed through department and specialty stores and catalogs. Although retailers are focused on Holiday Workshop’s 1994 collection, the company introduced its 1995 collection. Holiday Workshop has a showroom at 200 Fifth Avenue in New York City and will show its products at the Feb 1995 Toy Fair.


Although a new member has joined the Syratech family of home furnishings companies–Holiday Workshop–the division was spun off from the existing International Silver and was previously called International Christmas.


Holiday Workshop was growing too fast for the existing sales force to handle them, said Linda Feldman, product development director of Holiday Workshop, on Syratech’s decision to spin off the business.


“International Silver first entered the Christmas business in a small way nearly four years ago,” said Feldman. “Today, 80 percent of the line is designed by us and tooled by us overseas.”


The Holiday Workshop collection, which includes Christmas-and Halloween-related merchandise, is geared toward department and specialty stores and catalogs, although some of the lower-priced items will find a home in the mass merchant channel, Feldman added.


While retailers’ attention is currently focused on Christmas 1994, Holiday Workshop recently introduced its 1995 line. For next season, the company has created collections that feature brighter colors and angels.


Highlights of the 1995 line include Figments of Folklore, featuring figurines and houses done in resin that is textured for a higher perceived value, Feldman said. The Christmas Fantasy resin series also derives its texture from molding. The whimsical line features messages and contains figurines, stocking holders, water globes, molded candles and votives. The Snowlar Bears resin collection, which takes its cue from the popularity of the Coca-Cola polar bears, includes votives, stocking holders, resin pieces, plush figures and a candy bowl.


A full wood collection has also been introduced. It includes figurines, a block set, wall decor, a letter train set and plaques. Again, relief work adds to the texture of the line, Feldman said.


The Christmas Follies line features a number of media. The line includes nutcrackers, crates, play sets, plush, stocking holders, ornaments, collectible resin pieces, water globes, molded candles, ornament photo frames, papier-mache and stockings.


The Heavenly Hannah collection taps into the popularity of angels. The line features wood and resin figurines and plaques, plush and votives.


A full assortment of plush has been introduced, including Santa with whimsical hats, a toy soldier grouping and a Western-style Santa line.


Tea light votives of resin are also available, set in elaborate scenes, including a village and window Christmas scene. Musical carousels, 20 in all, will be sold at key price points in addition to light-up signs.


Two designers have created mixed media Santa collectibles for Holiday Workshop. The highly decorated pieces retail between $75 and $100.


“The category is expected to grow–I think the whole category will go crazy,” said Feldman.


Mixed media angles are also available in 50 SKUs, which include tree top and stand-up table pieces.


Santa and angels with fleece material and porcelain faces make up another collection of mixed-media collectibles. Lastly, Santa, angels and snowmen appear in a collection of “recycled, rag-type” collectibles.


New Halloween merchandise has also been introduced for 1995. Holiday Workshop has focused on two collections: Kookie Spookies, a whimsical line which includes plaques, molded candles, plush, votives, tea lights, wooden pieces and block sets; and Halloween Hallow, a plush line in different materials.
Holiday Workshop has opened permanent showroom at 200 Fifth Avenue in New York. The firm will take part in the Toy Fair in February, and a portion of the full line will be displayed in the Syratech showroom during the New York Tabletop market.

We are still trying to figure out how to get the infection out of Matt’s head

11 weeks later….We are still trying to figure out how to get the infection out of Matt’s head. Gentamicin was added to our regiment this week. Hoping that it helps. Tonight I realized that there are many of you that wonder what happened with Matt and how did he get MRSA that has caused all of this.
Well….no one will ever really know. They…the specialists, can only surmise that the MRSA somehow entered Matt’s bloodstream through picking at his face and creating an opening or from touching his eyes, removing his contacts and putting them back in…and these are just the thoughts.
MRSA enters your system and generally there is a pocket or what they call a source area that they can get to. When they do, they can drain it, remove it surgically and in extreme cases, they have to amputate limbs. In Matt’s case, the MRSA sourced behind his left eye. Yes, it is still there, no they will not drain it…very risky, no they will not go in through the skull to remove it…again very risky…so we wait. Yes, MRSA caused all of the infections that raged through him in ICU. The bacteria attacks and will attach to your heart, lungs, etc…His did. He is extremely lucky to be alive, if we have heard it once, we have heard it about 100 plus times and continue to hear it from every new doctor brought onto the team. Clearly he has more to do on this earth. We do spend a great deal of our week in with specialists as they try to figure out how to get at the new infection and at the same time continue to watch and get at the abscess/clotting in his cavernous sinus. They have assembled a very talented TEAM of Dr.’s and all of them have been working together to come up with a plan of action for each week. Although I would like it if there was just an easy answer or a pill (and lord knows we have a bin full of them) or IV that would solve this, I know that they are committed to his care and are trying to do no further harm. As my friend reminded me earlier….”this is a marathon not a sprint”. I will try to remember that each time I hear them say that we have to watch and wait. Those of you who know me, I am not a watch and wait kinda girl. I like to solve things and move on…but as my Gran used to tell me, “pray for Patience, my dear”…I am trying….I just wish it would hurry
As for Matt, he is okay. He is trying to get out of the house and visit with people…although I think he is learning that he needs some baby steps also. 2 hours out of the house with friends tends to be 8-12 hours of sleeping and recovering. Picking my battles there!!!!
Very thankful he is alive and grateful for all of the love and support that has been shown to us. Keep the prayers coming he still has a long road ahead.

Sprinter agm batteries discount



Example Sams group 31 is 105 amp hours and has a amperage discharge of 1000 amps and will run you near $200 bucks with tax. A Sprinter S12v370F is 132 amp hours with a max discharge of 4266 amps. With a price tag of $250 ( depending on total amount ordered). Making it cheaper than North Star, XS Power, Odyssey, Juice boxes performance line, Reikken’s pure lead series and Kinetik’s performance line. We use these in all our competition level builds requiring batts. They are perfect for burpsetups and big power musical builds.

We have used these in many builds and the performance is unreal. Ill mainly be offering group 31 sized batts (75lbs) and a larger 106lb monster same dimensions as a XS power D7500. I also can get smaller ones for under hood use.

They have low resistance, built with virgin lead agm technology, reinforced side walls, sealed and maintenance free, flame retardant cases and huge maximum amperage discharge. Manufactured here in the USA. They are built to order so no worries of getting a brand new batt that’s already a year old because it sat on a shelf in a warehouse . They will arrive to me direct from the factory and will be available for pickup in Aiken. Home delivery can be arranged for larger orders in the csra. More details TBA. Check out this like for full specs on the entire line.


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