What are different shapes and designs of omelette pans?

Have you ever to flip an omelette and end up with make it drop on the floor or attempted to rescue it and lastly it’s transformed into scrambled eggs? The easiest way to make and perfect omelettes dish is get the best omelette pan.

If you are the person who care about the breakfast with perfect omelettes you should get the pan with nice design, which will offer safer, more comfortable, and much more effective the omelette cooking experience. Here are some different shapes and designs of omelette pans that you can choose.

#1 Circular pans

Circular pans is the most traditional type of all the pans. They are excellent for large omelets and scrambled eggs. If you are preparing omelette for big family, you should go with 12 inches circular pans as it easy to flip. Plus, they offer excellent results for a wide variety of other preparations.

#2 Two half-circles

Two half-circles pans are not as versatile as traditional circular pans but they do the great job as well. If you want to prepare French omelette or frittatas, there are nothing better than this pan.

Not only that, due to these two half-circles pans, they offer the chance to have two pans at the same time, to cook double or to flip the omelet much more efficiently.

#3 Rectangular pans

This shape of pan is only designed for omelette. The rectangular pans that are specialized for making Japanese style omelets.

They offer much more space for cooking and they let you cook without shaping your omelet unless you occupy the entire surface.

#4 Different side of omellette pans

The omellette pans available with some sides such as sloped, hinged, or curved. Each of them offer its own result. Hinged and sloped sides allow the you to stir and prepare their meals without making a disaster. While the curved sides allow for more space but are eventually messier.

#5 Size

Omelette pans range from 6 to 12 inches and more. Smaller 6-8 inch pans are better for singles or small family. while the 10 inches and the 12 inches will be better for accommodating and is enough for a one-serving meal for your big family or guests. However, the bigger the pan, the harder it will be for you to flip your omelette and make the perfect omelette.

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